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Filtration type extraction tank
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新博国际平台Process overview -The main advantages of Filtration type extraction

1. Easy to realize automatic feeding, automatic slagging. Feeding. slag-discharge. cleaning fast.

2. Importing advanced Kampo medicine extraction technology from Japanese.

3. Extraction tank opens at the top, there is no pressure of the static pressure of the liquid and the accumulation of materials, will not easily produce deformation, leakage in long-term use .

新博国际平台4. Materials in the extraction basket, baskets are covered by each other, so that the materials does not float and extract immediately when entering the water, which can shorten the extraction time.

新博国际平台5. Materials in the extraction basket loaded only about 70%, leave space for herbal water expansion,The materials is in a state of suspension, Liquid ingredients evenly, The temperature of the liquid evenly, Improve the Exhalation rate of the active ingredient.

新博国际平台6. Extracted liquid is higher in purity.

7. Basket with small holes, liquid can flow out quickly and smoothly and not block.

新博国际平台8. Basket design can quickly reduce the liquid temperature and moisture content.

9. Suitable for the extraction of volatile oil.


Automatic control system designing-The main process control point of extraction unit

1. Manage production information (The batch number, parameter)

2. Feed material

新博国际平台3. Add quantitative solvent

4. Automatic control temperature (track the temperature curve)

5. Micro-boiling in consistent temperature

6. Automatic record extracting time

7. Automatic cycle control

8. Automatic identify the path for Liquid to discharge

9. Automatic calculate the time for Liquid to discharge

10. Automatic calculate the flow of discharged Liquid

11. Automatic stopping and trouble alarm control

12. Data record and report output

新博国际平台13. Data exchange and monitoring with concentration and drying equipment


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