Dynamic stirring extraction tank
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1. Wide range of application: the extraction tank have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, impact resistance, great torque, light mixing, can extract material with multi species and multiple size particles.

新博国际平台2. Seeds, powders and medicine material crude slices which less than 30mm can charge-in without chop. Rhizome medicinal herbs broken down to 10-20mm particles, do not need to be turned into powder.

3. Solvent and materials is dynamic in the tank, fast heat transfer, fast mass transfer, short extraction time.

4. Application of the forced circulation system, material and solvent can fully contact and penetration, reduce the solvent ratio, increase extraction rate.

5. Using the horizontal sedimentation centrifugal to separate solvent and material rapidly and continuously, high clear solvent, dregs discharge continuously, Low water content of drug residues,less pollution.

6. Special centrifuge anti floating design and fines extrusion design.


新博国际平台Automatic control system designing -The main process control point of extraction unit

1. Manage production information (The batch number, parameter);

2. Manually feed material;

新博国际平台3. Add quantitative solvent;

4. Automatic control temperature (track the temperature curve);

新博国际平台5. Micro-boiling in consistent temperature;

新博国际平台6. Automatic record extracting time;

新博国际平台7. Interlocking control with centrifuge;

8. Automatic cycle control;

9. Automatic identify the path for Liquid to discharge;

10. Automatic calculate the time for Liquid to discharge;

11. Automatic calculate the flow of discharged Liquid;

12. Slag discharge Interlocking control;

13. Automatic stopping and trouble alarm ;

14. Data record and report output;

新博国际平台15. Data exchange and monitoring control with concentration and drying equipment.


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