Controllable dynamic counter current extraction assemebly
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Device characters

新博国际平台 The complete set of equipment adopts to stainless steel, exterior is beautiful, frame is reasonable and the equip ment is stable and reliable, which could satisfied the field of food and medical. The equipment is made of three extractor tank, and satisfied the field of food and medical. The equipment is made of five extractor tank, and each of them can choose different ways to carry out independent extraction or controllable dynamic countercurrent extraction according to process requirement, and each of them also can carry out pros and cons flow extraction under stationary temperature according to circulation pump; due to technique setting, it can be controlled to realize auto-countercurrent extraction through computer, and insure the active component from extraction liquid and medicinal matedals in each extracition tank which from different phase consistence grades according to transfer time and quantity to flowback extraction; the equipment adopts special separation structure and manufacture technique to solve pipleline jam; and keep the end of each flowback extraction phase, the liquid of one extraction tank as product expels, and the other tank expels the medicine waste ,then put the new medicine in it, and put the new menstruum to another tank to reach the continue extracting requirement. the product process will be channelization, and each extraction tank adopts modularization, and according to craftwork requirement to increase and decrease and combination flowback to extract unit.

Control system

新博国际平台 The whole system adopt total date inspector and control, each process can be control by the computer, such as menstrual dosage, hot water heating temperature, extracting temperature, extracting time, extracting pressure, positive and negative mixing time and concentration.Craftwork guide of machine can be dubugged and amended, and it can be installed to hand-control, scene control and computer control; it also can be installed with alarm, print, store and so on. The machine can be equipped analyses system to control the quality online, and with special Chinese traditional medicine controlling software, and to come true flow back extraction produce control on line.

新博国际平台 Characteristics

新博国际平台 High level automatization, The productivity can be 2-3 times to the former units which three same Volume extracting tanks work in 8 hours, high extraction; compare to fractional extration, the extrating active ingredient of liquid increase15%, solvent dosage solid to liquid is 1: (8~10), it also saves 66% energy,66% solvent and 66% cooling water.

Utility model and invention patent Patent No
Dynamic extraction tank and its tank group ZL 2006 2 0076704.8
Anti-clogging reversing valve ZL 2006 2 0076703.3
High-efficiency liquid and solid-phase flow extraction tank group ZL 2006 2 0076702.9

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