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新博国际平台My company participated in the welder skills competition won the third prize

Release time:2008-12-3 11:15:39

On June 22, our company organized electric welders to participate in the skill competition of the first "Europe" Cup organized by Longwan District Labor and Personnel Bureau and held in Longwan Binhai Park. . After a day of intense competition, our company's players achieved good results both theoretically and practically. In particular, Comrade Huang Cong Dang played well and stood out among numerous players, winning the Welder Skills Competition in one fell swoop. The fourth prize (third prize) was commended and rewarded by the organizing committee. This is his personal honor and also the honor of the company. He hopes that the company’s employees can learn from the participating players and Huang Cong dare to constantly improve their professional quality and business skills, and set off a learning skill within the company. The climax has made its due efforts and contributions for the development of the company.

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